Sunday, August 7

Cum Inside All Natural MILF

Jessica Ryan is a porn goddess who is back and better than ever. This MILF is a true cock sucking queen. After taking a break from the industry, her desire to suck and fuck for the world to see became too strong…so here she is ready to show everyone what she does best. This all-natural horny babe uses her juicy dick-sucking lips to wet this dick before spreading her beautiful pussy open to take a nice hard pounding. This experienced hottie has a fetish for getting creampied, so it’s safe to say she ends the night with a big smile on her gorgeous face.

Thursday, August 4

Sexy Cute

There's nothing at all hotter than Laura Boomlock and her huge titties that just accentuate the curves of her whole thick body. This busty milf is always looking for new ways to get her kicks, so definitely cum on over and make her scream if you've got a creative way to bring her off.

Monday, August 1

The Anal Acting Coach

The anal acting coach

The anal acting coach

Here we have Marvellee, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom from North Carolina. She's an acting coach.

And there we have Milan, a young guy who has come to her for acting lessons. But what kind of acting lessons?

"So, you want to be an actor," Marvellee says. "Let's pretend a love scene. Do you think you can do that?'

He thinks he can. He can't. She thinks she can teach him. She can't. The guy's a lost cause.

"What kind of acting did you think you wanted to do?" she finally asks.

"To be honest with you," he says, "I'm a porn actor."

And at this point, acting lesson turns into screen test as Marvellee, now very intrigued, finds out whether Milan is good for anything. Turns out he's good for fucking her pussy and asshole, and that doesn't take any acting talent at all. After all, you can fake acting but you can't fake a hard-on.

YourMomLovesAnal: Are you a swinger?

Marvellee: I am. I started swinging in my early 20s and just never really stopped.

YourMomLovesAnal: What was your wildest swinging experience?

Marvellee: Probably my first. I ended up walking alone through a party and just poking my head in doors to look around. In one room, a girl was having sex doggy style yet still stopped to ask my name. Then she screamed my name while he fucked her and it was so hot, I had to join in.

YourMomLovesAnal: Are you a nudist?

Marvellee: No, but I'm definitely an exhibitionist.

YourMomLovesAnal: How often do you have sex?

Marvellee: Daily, multiple times.

YourMomLovesAnal: Anal sex?

Marvellee: Yes. I love it when it's initially done slowly and builds. I really loved how Milan fucked my ass in this scene.

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A MILF And Her Huge Toy

A MILF and her huge toy

A MILF and her huge toy

When we asked 43-year-old redhead and mother of two Nina Lakes if she's ever been called a MILF, she smiled and said, "Yes, and I never knew what it was for the longest time. I eventually caught on. I had to ask someone."

Nina, who's from Ohio and lives in Atlanta, Georgia, is definitely a mother we'd like to fuck. Here, it's all about the pussy as Nina fills it with one of her favorite toys. It's long and thick, and we love how rather than taking off her panties, Nina pulls them aside to fuck herself. That's the surest sign that a woman is super-horny; she doesn't even want to waste time taking off the rest of her clothes.

Nina is bi-sexual. She loves anal sex. She once fucked twin brothers. We asked her what she finds sexy and she said, "A man who loves his children."

Will she settle for a man who loves MILFs?

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Sunday, July 31

A Pre Party Celebration For Sydney

It's that time of year again when the 4th of July arrives, so does hard bodied blonde MILF step momma Sydney and her tiny American flag bikini. While dressed and ready to piss off all the neighboring wives Sydney will hopefully get stepson James cock standing tall too. As she boldly lets James know it is time to have a pre party fuck he quickly dives into her hot pussy and gives stepmom Sydney a rocket ride and hot cum facial explosion to remember.

Sunday, June 26

Nami's XXX Lesson

Nami's XXX lesson

Nami's XXX lesson

Nami Lee, who's 42 years old, is Berry's tutor. He's 21, and he's learning Japanese from this Japanese hottie. Lucky guy.

"Are you really serious about learning the Japanese language?" she asks him, and by the way, she's wearing a short, low-cut dress that shows a lot of her hot little body.

"You have something for Japanese women?" she asks.

"I do," he says, which she takes as her cue.

"Do you find me attractive?" she says.

"I kind of have a thing for older women," he says.

By this point, her dress is up around her waist and she's showing off her ass, the Japanese lesson is about to end and a different kind of lesson is about to begin.

Here's your lesson in Nami Lee:

She's 42 years old and was born in Japan. She now lives in the United States.

She's 5" tall and weights only 98 pounds, but she has DD-cup tits.

She enjoys water skiing, cooking, traveling and painting.

She likes brainy guys with great personalities and a sense of humor. Will just a hard-on do, Nami?

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Don't Call 911. Just Jack Off!

Don't call 911. Just jack off!

Don't call 911. Just jack off!

The woman you're about to see is a paramedic (has been for 20 years), and we can imagine that when she shows up at a scene, the victim's heart starts beating a lot faster. You see, Kristi Kream, a 44-year-old divorcee and mom from Connecticut, is a real hottie with her blond hair, big tits and tight little body. She's short 'n' stacked, and we imagine that even when she's wearing her EMS outfit, her sexuality busts through.

This week, Kristi, who now lives in Central Florida, is showing off her hot, naked body and sucking and fucking on-camera for the first time. Today, we get the warmup as Kristi bares her big, fake tits and deep-fingers her pussy until she cums. WARNING: If this gets your dick hard and your heart beating faster, do not call 911. Just jack off until you get the relief you need.

We asked Kristi some questions. She gave us some answers.

Would the people you know be surprised to see you here?

Kristi: My family and high school friends would be but none of my swinger friends would be.

How long have you been a swinger?

Kristi: Six years. I've been in some wild orgies!

Do you masturbate?

Kristi: Yes, pretty much every day, sometimes multiple times a day.

What gets you off?

Kristi: I love to please and see or feel a man cum.

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